treasury list : sand

I’m a bit of a beige freak so I loved this Treasury List by Keith and Olga of Fish Out Store.  Be sure to visit their shop as they have some lovely embroidered banners with inspirational quotes.

My Sandy Pastel Bracelet is one of the items featured. Thanks Keith & Olga!

treasury list - Sand

rainy day soup

Having a stomach bug and fever followed by a long weekend away really halted my newly found gusto to start blogging again.  I must have overdone it!  Anyway, I’m back to normal health now (thankfully) but the weather has turned in Portugal and it is wet, wet, wet and a little bit cool too. 

So I thought I would make some roasted pumpkin soup, to warm the soul and boost our immunity for the new germs we will be experiencing now we are back in Europe!

For the recipe, please see my post ‘Roasted Pumpkin Soup’.

As for my weekend away,  I went to see my son in The Hague.  More on that to come!  Hope it’s not too cold where you are :)

update on the succulent planter

Remember my post on ‘revamping succulents’?  That was two months ago and I wanted to show you how they happy they have become!

lined up with my other succulents

lined up with my other succulents

a closer inspection

a closer inspection

puppy likes to nibble them!

puppy likes to nibble them!

fleshy, happy succulents!

fleshy, happy aeoniums (apart from the brown edges!)


interview with Small Business Bliss

At the end of July, Lizzie Rose Jewellery was chosen to be a small business featured on Small Business Bliss, a fantastic blog run by Martina Iring.  Martina is a small business marketing consultant from Vancouver and her blog is filled with extremely helpful tips and information for the small business owner.  I have learned so much from her site as she explains things in plain speaking terms which even I can understand!

Here’s an example of some of the useful posts which you can find on Martina’s blog:

You can sign up for the Small Business Bliss Newsletter to receive these straight to your inbox.  It’s worth it!

And you can read my interview by clicking below:

Small business marketing case study –

make your blog your art with Lizzie Rose Jewellery

Have a great week everyone!